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Greetings everybody. I want to let everybody know that I am back from LIFE and nothing much to do, but share my thoughts and ideas for everybody. If you like MLP, Homestuck, Anime, TV series, and much more. Follow me and you will get hooked from my blog. What are you waiting for, hit the FOLLLOW button and enjoy the fun.




Yeah Connor?

….I don’t get it



So maliks_butt created this Assassin’s Creed Starbucks au, and before I knew it, I got sucked in and drew my own like thing for it. 

I dunno, I picture the guys being everyday college kids when they’re not working to pay for said college….I JUST LIKE THE IDEA OF MODERN DAY ASSASSINS OK D: D: D:

In other news, I’ve learn about a new brush in Photoshop and it’s CHANGING MY LIFE.

Sorry, it’s 3 am and I’m tired as fuck…..

turns into meddle of tears this is ideal thank you for drawing this

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